Install SAP Extractor
This content applies solely to Process Mining, which must be purchased separately from the Appian base platform.


  • Supported SAP versions: ECC or S/4HANA installations using SAP Netweaver version 7.31 or higher.
  • Access level: You must be logged in as an SAP Administrator to complete these instructions.

Install instructions

To install the module:

  1. Copy the file K901065.CED to the SAP transport folder, usually /usr/sap/trans/cofiles.
  2. Copy the file R901065.CED to the SAP transport folder, usually /usr/sap/trans/data.
  3. Make sure the user and permissions on those files are set correctly for the SAP system.
  4. Use the STMS-transaction to open the transport management system.
  5. Select the correct target system in the Import Overview (F5).
  6. Click Extras > Other Requests > Add to select the correct files.
  7. Select the Import again option and confirm the menu This option allows you to update the file and reimport later in case of necessary adjustments.
  8. Open the Import request (CTRL + F11) menu.
  9. Select the correct Client.
  10. Under Options, select Leave Transport request in Queue for Later Import and Ignore Invalid Component Version. The Ignore Invalid Component Version option allows for non-equal SAP versions (between our transport and your system).
  11. The specified import job should start and appear in the job queue.
  12. In case of an error it is reported in the job overview, contact Appian Support with this report so we can help.

Additional setup

  • An SAP user with permission to call the imported ABAP modules RFC function and has permission to write to the designated file system path.
  • SSH server running on the SAP server or the underlying file system with SFTP support.
  • An SSH user on the SAP server or the underlying file system that has file system access to the designated export path.

RFC parameters

The following parameters are required to establish an RFC connection and to initiate an export job:

Parameter Description
client The SAP client number
sap_router SAP router server address
user SAP RFC user name
password Password for the SAP RFC user
system_number System (instance) number
host SAP server address
lang The SAP server language. Default: en

SSH parameters

The following SSH parameters are required to establish an SFTP connection to fetch the files:

Parameter Description
host The address to reach the SSH server
port The port of the SSH server
user The OS user name that has access to designated export path
password Password for the user

SAP authorization objects

The following authorization objects have to be enabled for the user by the SAP Admin.

Authorization Object S_RFC to access the RFC function our module provides:

Field Value
RFC_NAME Necessary for the module:

Usual SAP own values:

Authorization Object S_DATASET to enable our module to write the data on the filesystem:

Field Value
FILENAME * [For full access]

Authorization Object S_BTCH_ADM to enable our module to access the batch job system:

Field Value

Authorization Object S_BTCH_JOB to enable our module to handle its batch jobs:

Field Value
JOBGROUP * [or ‘ ’]

Authorization Object S_TABU_DIS to enable our module to access the tables:

Field Value
ACTVT 02,03

Authorization Object S_TABU_NAM to enable our module to access the tables:

Field Value
TABLE * [or specify specific table names]
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