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Create a new Robotic Task
The capabilities described on this page are included in Appian's standard capability tier. Usage limits may apply.

This page discusses how to create a robotic task in Appian Designer.

If you are new to Appian RPA, see the Robotic Tasks topic in the Learn section for an introduction to robotic tasks.

Create a robotic task

Required role: Developer or Administrator

Robotic tasks are created in Appian Designer.

To create a robotic task:

  1. In the list of design objects, click NEW > Robotic Task.
  2. Configure the following properties:

    Property Description
    Name Name to identify the robotic task. This value must be unique. Spaces are not supported, so consider using underscores to separate words. It is a best practice to preface the name with the application specific prefix.
    Description Supplemental information about the robotic task that is displayed in the Appian Designer Objects view.
    Robot Pools to Add Select the robot pool(s) responsible for executing this robotic task.
  3. Click Create. The Review Robotic Task Security dialog displays.
  4. Configure security for the robotic task.
  5. Click Save. Appian creates the robotic task and you're brought to the robotic task configuration page.

Immediately after you create the robotic task, you need to configure the robotic task's definition and technical details. See Configure a robotic task to get started.


The security role map of a robotic task controls which developers can see or modify it and its properties. Unlike some other objects, Robotic Tasks never inherit security.

The following table outlines the actions that can be completed for each permission level in a robotic task's security role map:

Robotic Task Actions Admin Editor Viewer Deny
View definition Yes Yes Yes No
Export Yes Yes Yes No
Duplicate Yes Yes Yes No
Edit definition Yes Yes No No
Import new version Yes Yes No No
View security Yes Yes No No
Edit security Yes No No No
Delete Yes No No No
Execution Actions Admin Editor Viewer Deny
Execute robotic task Yes Yes Yes No
Debug a robotic task Yes Yes Yes No
View list of executions Yes Yes Yes No
View execution details Yes Yes Yes No
Download execution artifacts Yes Yes Yes No
Query execution info Yes Yes Yes No
View robotic task schedule Yes Yes Yes No
Create or edit new robotic task Yes Yes Yes No
Pause execution Yes No No No
Stop/Abort execution Yes No No No
Delete execution Yes No No No
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Create a new Robotic Task