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What's New with IDP?
Google has deprecated legacy versions of AutoML services, which directly impacts IDP's core functionality.

Additionally, the IDP application was deprecated with Appian 23.2. Customers who wish to use the application will need to refactor plug-ins using AutoML.


The latest version of the Intelligent Document Processing application is version 1.8. See Upgrading IDP for instructions on how to upgrade your application to the most recent version.

What's new in Version 1.2?

We've enhanced IDP to extract data from tables and checkboxes and clearly present it for user reconciliation tasks. For tables, you can use a related CDT to better organize this data based on its more complex relationship.

IDP 1.2 also includes the ability to specify structured documents. Appian Document Extraction can use this structure to help detect and extract information using spatial cues, thereby learning more about your data and improving results over time.

Extract tables and checkboxes

You can now select data from tables and checkboxes in the reconciliation interface. The best part is Appian learns from this manual reconciliation process, just like other fields. Automated extraction improves over time, leading to more complete and accurate results with fewer manual exceptions.

Improve extraction efficacy with structured documents

We improved how many fields we are able to extract automatically. For structured documents that often follow a set template, Appian will learn positional information as documents are being manually processed. By combining this structured extraction with our AI-based extraction, we're able to deliver straight-through processing for even more of your documents.


See Appian Doc Extraction for definitions and examples of these three PDF categories.

Minor release update: IDP 1.2.1

  • Removed Invoices (without Line Items) and Purchase Orders (without Line Items) document types to reduce likelihood of encountering Google classification model training errors
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What's New with IDP?