Upgrading IDP


Periodically, we release updates to the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) application that include enhanced features. Most customers will be able to take advantage of the newest features by deploying a patch to update their application.

Note that making certain changes to your environment will make upgrading more difficult. In order to take full advantage of the newest features, we suggest only making changes that are outlined in the IDP documentation on this site.

If your cloud environment is already running IDP, use this page to deploy the feature enhancements from the latest version of IDP.

If your Appian installation includes different environments, such as development, staging, and production, we recommend following these instructions to upgrade each of your environments separately.

Step 1: Deploy the Execute Stored Procedure plug-in

Starting with IDP 1.1, the Execute Stored Procedure plug-in is required. If you do not already have this plug-in deployed in your environment, you will need to deploy the plug-in by following these instructions.

To deploy plug-ins for self-managed installations, see Appian Suite Plug-Ins.

To deploy the plug-in for Appian Cloud installations (if necessary):

  1. In your Appian environment, log in as a system administrator.
  2. Go to > Admin Console.
  3. On the left side of the console, click Plug-ins.
  5. Search for and click the Execute Stored Procedure plug-in.
  6. Click DEPLOY.

IDP relies on a set of bundled plugins that Appian supports as part of the application. Support for use of these plugins in other scenarios is provided by the Appian community in accordance with AppMarket guidelines.

Step 2: Download software package

Upgrading IDP uses different files than installing the application for the first time. You will need to download the software patch that contains the following files. These files will be used in the remaining set up steps.

  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 1.1 SQL Patch.sql: SQL script to update the database tables for the newest version of IDP.
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 1.1 Patch.zip: Application patch to import into Appian.
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 1.1 Patch.properties: Import customization file for the application patch.

1.1 IDP Upgrade Patch

Note that you must be registered with your company on Community to download this file.

Step 3: Run the DDL script

In order to update your database tables to work with the latest release of the IDP application, you will need to run the DDL script in your database.

To run the DDL script:

The DDL file is meant to be used for MySQL databases. If you use a different database you may need to modify the database commands.

Step 4: Update import customization file

If your environment is not a default Appian Cloud configuration, you will need to update the the DU_DATA_SOURCE_NAME constant in the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 1.1 Patch.properties file. This document will be uploaded when you import the patch and will automatically update the constant with the value you specify.

If your appian data source is already called Appian, you do not need to perform this step. You can see the name of your data source in the DU Data Store design object.

Data source name

To update the import customization file (if necessary):

  1. Open the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 1.1 Patch.properties file that you downloaded in Step 2: Download software package.
  2. Update the DU_DATA_SOURCE_NAME constant with your environment's data source name. For example, jbdc/<DataSourceName>.
  3. Save the file.

Step 5: Import the patch

The final step is to import the patch into your Appian environment.

  1. In your Appian environment, log in as a system administrator.
  2. Go to > Appian Designer.
  3. Open the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) application.
  4. Click IMPORT PATCH.
  5. Click UPLOAD and select the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 1.1 Patch.zip file.
  6. Select Include related import customization file.
  7. Click UPLOAD and select the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 1.1 Patch.properties file.
  8. Click INSPECT.
  9. Review the inspection results. If there are no issues, click IMPORT PACKAGE.
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