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datetext() Function


datetext( value, format )

Interprets the date or datetime specified in the user's preferred calendar and returns its string representation using given format.


Keyword Type Description


Date or Date and Time

The value to convert to a text string.



The pattern you want to use for the output.




You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

datetext(userdatevalue("8/18/1427"),"yyyy/MM/dd") returns 1427/8/18

The datetext() function uses a similar, but slightly different syntax than the text function.

Letter Date or Time Component Presentation Examples
G Era designator Text AD
y Year Year 1996; 96
Y Week Year Year 2009; 09
M Month in year Month July; Jul; 07
w Week in year Number 27
W Week in month Number 2
D Day in year Number 189
d Day in month Number 10
F Day of week in month Number 2
E Day name in week Text Tuesday; Tue
a Am/pm marker Text PM
H Hour in day (0-23) Number 0
k Hour in day (1-24) Number 24
K Hour in am/pm (0-11) Number 0
h Hour in am/pm (1-12) Number 12
m Minute in hour Number 30
s Second in minute Number 55
S Millisecond Number 97
z Time zone General time zone Pacific Standard Time; PST; GMT-08:00
Z Time zone RFC 822 time zone -0800

Feature compatibility

The table below lists this function's compatibility with various features in Appian.
Feature Compatibility Note
Portals Compatible
Offline Mobile Incompatible
Custom Record Field Expressions Incompatible
Process Reports Incompatible

You cannot use this function to configure a process report.

Process Events Incompatible

You cannot use this function to configure a process event node, such as a start event or timer event.

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datetext() Function