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where() Function


where( booleanArray, default )

Returns the indices where the values in the input array are true.

See also:

  • wherecontains(): Use this function to return indices of an array that match a user-defined value, instead of items that evaluate to true.
  • index(): Use this function to return the values of an array at the indices you gathered with the where() function.


Keyword Type Description


Boolean Array

The array of Boolean values to test.


Integer or Integer Array

The integer number or array of integer numbers to return if none of the values in the array are true.


Integer Array

Usage considerations

When to use where()

This function can be useful for finding the value of one field of a CDT in an array of CDT values where each item in the array has a given value for another field. The default parameter can be used to return a value that is not a valid index in order to cause the index() function to return its default value if none of the values in the input to the where() function are true.

Understanding results

If a default value is not specified and none of the values in the input array are true, an empty list will be returned.

A null or empty array given as the array parameter is considered false.


where({true, false, true}) returns 1, 3

where(mod({13, 24, 35, 46, 57, 68}, 2)=0) returns 2, 4, 6

Use with comparison operators

where(pv!scores<50) returns 8, 10, 12 where pv!scores = {68, 89, 82, 90, 93, 99, 59, 49, 88, 27, 56, 49, 100}

where(pv!scores>avg(pv!scores)) returns 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 13 where pv!scores = {68, 89, 82, 90, 93, 99, 59, 49, 88, 27, 56, 49, 100}

where({pv!scores}<average({pv!scores})-3*stdevp({pv!scores}),-1) returns -1 where pv!scores = {68, 89, 82, 90, 93, 99, 59, 49, 88, 27, 56, 49, 100} because no scores are 3 standard deviations less than the mean and -1 is given as the default value to return if none of the items in the array are true

Use with the index() function

index(pv!employees.firstName, where(like(pv!employees.department, "Finance"), -1), "None") returns all of the first names of employees in the Finance department, or "None" if none of the employees have their department field set to Finance.

Use with a null or empty array

where(null, 1000) returns 1000

where(null) returns an empty list

where({}, -1) returns -1

where({}) returns an empty list

where({true, false, null, true}) returns 1, 4

Feature compatibility

The table below lists this function's compatibility with various features in Appian.
Feature Compatibility Note
Portals Compatible
Offline Mobile Compatible
Custom Record Field Expressions Compatible
Process Reports Compatible
Process Events Compatible
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where() Function