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Post Hazard to Feed Entry Smart Service


This smart service activity allows your process to highlight process problems in the feed to facilitate rapid and collaborative exception handling.

  • The message displays an exclamation mark icon and appears with a shaded red background.
  • It runs without user input.
  • You can specify the user context for the activity on the Assignment Tab.


  • Category: Social

  • Icon:

  • Assignment Options - Always Attended

See also: Smart Services

Configuration options

This section contains tab configuration details specific to this smart service. For more information about common configurations see the Process Node Properties page.

Data tab

Node inputs

Name System Data Type Required Description
Entry Id Text Yes This input takes the system-defined Entry ID number that was generated as an output from a Post System Event to Tempo Smart Service or a Post Event to Tempo Smart Service.
Message Text Yes The text of the hazard that you want to send, either entered manually or determined by a process variable, rule, or constant entered through the Expression Editor. The maxiumum is 4,000 bytes.
  • If you leave the message parameter blank or the input contains more than 4,000 bytes, the activity is cancelled by exception at runtime.
  • See also: Tempo Best Practices regarding message content.
  • Node outputs

    Name System Data Type Description
    Comment Id Text The system-generated ID number assigned to the hazard message.
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    Post Hazard to Feed Entry Smart Service