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Numbered List


a!richTextNumberedList( items, showWhen )

Displays a numbered list within a rich text component.

See also: Rich text style guidance


Name Keyword Types Description



Text, Styled Text, List

Array of text to display as a numbered list. Text can be further formatted using a!richTextItem(). Nested lists can be created using a!richTextListItem().




Determines whether the component is displayed on the interface. When set to false, the component is hidden and is not evaluated. Default: true.

Usage considerations

Using the items parameter

  • Specific values within items can be further formatted using styled text.
  • If items is null or contains an empty array, no list is displayed.
  • If the items array contains one or more null values, those items in the list have no text displayed.

Formatting numbered lists and using styled text

  • Numbered lists cannot be nested within styled text.
  • Top-level numbered lists use Arabic numerals (for example, 1, 2, 3); second-level numbered lists use letters (for example, a, b, c); third-level numbered lists use lower-case Roman numerals (for example, i, ii, iii). Further nested numbered lists repeat the same pattern starting with Arabic numerals.


Copy and paste an example into the INTERFACE DEFINITION in EXPRESSION MODE to see it displayed.

Feature compatibility

The table below lists this SAIL component's compatibility with various features in Appian.
Feature Compatibility Note
Portals Compatible
Offline Mobile Compatible
Custom Record Field Expressions Incompatible
Process Reports Incompatible

You cannot use this function to configure a process report.

Process Events Incompatible

You cannot use this function to configure a process event node, such as a start event or timer event.

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Numbered List