Hello World Robot Template
This content applies solely to Appian RPA, which must be purchased separately from the Appian base platform.

The Hello World template details how to create a robotic process that will open a text editor, type some text, and then close the text editor. This template contains actions that tell your robotic process to interact with the keyboard.

When you use a template to create your robotic process, you are provided with a zip file containing your source code and a pre-built workflow in the robotic process configuration page. This page explains the contents of the workflow and the source code generated by the template.



The Hello World template's workflow contains three actions: Open application, Type text, and Close application.

The actions are related to processing items. An item is a single element to be evaluated by the robotic process. Depending on the nature of your robotic processes, an item could be a person, an ID, a bank account, an invoice, a job identifier, etc. In this template, the item is sample text and the robotic process will process the item by typing the sample text in a text editor.

It's common for a robotic process to iterate over many items. For example, processing several employees, IDs, or bank accounts. To ensure each item has been processed, the workflow includes a loop. Loops utilize conditional actions to determine when all available items have been processed.

Source code

The source code contains a class named MyRobot that implements the IRobot interface and is annotated with @Robot. Every Appian RPA robotic process must have the IRobot interface and @Robot annotation to allow the Appian RPA API to identify the class as a robot.

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