a!jsonPath() Function
This function may not be compatible with all features of Appian. For details, see the Feature Compatibility section below.


a!jsonPath( value, expression )

Finds information in a JSON string. JSONPath is used to navigate through elements and attributes in a JSON string.


Keyword Type Description



The JSON text representing the value to be queried.



The JSONPath query to be run against the JSON object.



Usage considerations

Using the expression parameter

The below table defines the syntax for the expression parameter of a!jsonPath().

Expression Description
$ the root object/element
@ the current object/element
. or [] child operator
.. recursive descent
* wildcard. All objects/elements regardless their names.
[] subscript operator
[,] alternate names or array indices as a set.
[start:end:step] array slice operator
?() applies a filter (script) expression
() script expression, using the underlying script engine.

Array indices in JSONPath start with zero, not one.

Feature compatibility

The table below lists this function's compatibility with various features in Appian.
Feature Compatibility Note
Portals Partially compatible

Can be used with Appian Portals if it is connected using an integration and web API.

Offline Mobile Incompatible
Custom Record Field Expressions Incompatible
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