user() Function
This function cannot be used with Portals or Custom Record Field Expressions. It can only be used with Offline Mobile if it is loaded at the top of the form.
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user( username, property )

Returns information for a user. locale and timeZone return the user's preference or null if not set.


Keyword Type Description



The username or user object of the user whose information should be retrieved.



The information to retrieve for this user. See Usage considerations.



Usage considerations

The property value accepts the following (case-sensitive) values:

  • firstName
  • middleName
  • lastName
  • displayName (the user's nickname)
  • supervisorName
  • titleName
  • email
  • phoneOffice
  • phoneMobile
  • phoneHome
  • address1
  • address2
  • address3
  • city
  • state
  • province
  • zipCode
  • country
  • locale
  • timeZone
  • customField1
  • customField2
  • customField3
  • customField4
  • customField5
  • customField6
  • customField7
  • customField8
  • customField9
  • customField10
  • uuid
  • created
  • status
  • userTypeId
  • userTypeName

user() cannot be used to define a column of process report data or in a process event.


You can copy and paste these examples into the expression rule designer to see how this works.

user("mike.smith","created") returns 12/20/05 10:36 PM GMT

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