cast() Function
This function cannot be used with Portals.
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cast( typeNumber, value )

Converts a value from its existing type to the specified type.

See also: Casting, typeof(), Delete Data Types


Keyword Type Description


Number (Integer)

The type to which the value should be cast. This may be retrieved by using typeof(x), where x is a value of the intended type, or referencing a type with 'type!{namespace}type-name' (within single quotes).


Any Type

The value that should be cast to type typeNumber.


Any Type

Usage considerations

Referencing data types

  • To retrieve the type number, use typeof(x), where x is a value of the intended type, or reference a type with type!{namespace}type-name (within single quotes).
  • When referencing a data type, consider the impact that deleting the data type has on the expression that references it.


cast('type!{}Integer', 123.4) returns 123

cast(1, 123.4) returns 123

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