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Feeds allow users to stay up-to-date with process milestones and other important process-driven events.

In Appian, users must subscribe to a feed in order to see it contents. When subscribed, any feed entry associated with that user shows up in their personal News feed.

Feeds are published with their referenced applications. In order for users to be able to view and subscribe to a feed, the feed must belong to a published application. Only users with at least Viewer permissions to the application will be able to subscribe to a feed through their user settings.

Once a feed is created it becomes available for use in the Post Event and Post System Event smart services. Note that:

  • All users targeted in the Viewer Group of the smart service can see the event or system event in their News feed regardless of their rights to the associated application.
  • Users can subscribe/unsubscribe to a feed through the event or system event feed entry on the News feed.

Create a Feed

To create a feed:

  1. In the application view, click NEW > Feed.
  2. Provide the feed with a Name that follows the recommended naming standard.
  3. (Optional) Provide the feed with a Description.
  4. (Optional) Select the Show in Catalog checkbox if you want to allow users to subscribe to this feed in their user settings.
  5. Click CREATE. /feeds creation
  6. In the Review News Feed Security dialog, configure your feed security.
  7. Click SAVE.

Feeds are only visible in Tempo to viewers of the published application.

The security role map of a feed controls which developers can see or modify it and its properties.

If default security groups are configured for your application, the default security groups pre-populate the role map when you create a feed. If default security groups are not configured for your application, you are automatically assigned Administrator permissions for any feed you create. System administrators can always access a feed, regardless of object-level permissions.

See Editing Object Security to modify a feed's security.

The following table outlines the actions that can be completed for each permission level in a feed's security role map:

Actions Administrator Editor
Edit the site definition Yes Yes
View the security Yes Yes
Delete the feed Yes No
Update the security Yes No

Editing and Deleting a Feed

To edit a feed, click on the name.

To delete a feed, select the appropriate feed and click the Delete button in the application view toolbar. Deleting a feed does not delete its entries in the News feed and does not prevent users from subscribing or unsubscribing from its entries.

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