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What's New in RWM?
This content applies solely to Robotic Workforce Manager, which must be purchased separately from the Appian base platform. This content was written for Appian 21.3 and may not reflect the interfaces or functionality of other Appian versions.

Welcome to the release notes for the Robotic Workforce Manager application! Here you can learn about the latest updates to the Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM) application. Be sure to check which version of RWM you're using to take advantage of the latest features.

RWM 5.4 (Release date: September 2, 2021)

Measure and optimize with enhanced queue reporting

Each component of your automation workflow plays a role when it comes to overall efficiency. But before you can optimize, you need data. With this release of RWM, we’ve enhanced the queue reports to provide you with more insights and opportunities for improvement or triage.

You’ll see aggregated data visualizations of high-level trends, as well as key metrics for queue transactions. If you’re interested in more detailed information, each queue item also displays its functional data directly in RWM, so you can get down to the finest details of your queue and take action on the right transaction quickly. Together, this information helps you assess whether your queues are meeting your expectations, enables you to quickly triage those that are underperforming, and empowers you with the right amount of detail to take action when needed.


Which version of RWM am I using?

You can find your version of the RWM application from the app landing page, as shown below.

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What's New in RWM?