Appian RPA Tutorials

This section includes several tutorials focused on helping you start developing Appian RPA robotic processes.

These tutorials vary in complexity, though all of them are ready to be implemented by beginners.

If you're interested in low-code methods, try out the following tutorial:

If you're interested in Java methods, try out the following tutorials:

Where approrpriate, a tutorial includes supporting files, such as source code, for you to download.

Before you do these tutorial exercises, make sure that the environment is set up and that you have the credentials to access the console. If a tutorial uses Java methods, you'll also want to make sure you can upload the robot's code to its Maven repository.

Furthermore, all these tutorials were prepared on a Windows OS. Due to to the nature of resources, it is possible some changes appear in the machine where the developer execute the robotic processes. For this reason, you may need to adapt the tutorials for the following considerations:

  • Capture the required images to make each robotic process work on the resources
  • Adapt formats, dates, etc., to the specific locale of the resources
  • Other actions to make the applications respond as expected on the resources
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