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a!deployment() Function
This function cannot be used with Custom Record Field Expressions. It can only be used with Offline Mobile if it is loaded at the top of the form.
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a!deployment( deploymentUuid, property )

Returns a specific property of a direct deployment.


Keyword Type Description



The deployment to retrieve. The UUID is available from the post-deployment process or the deployment's log.



The information to retrieve for this deployment. Properties are case-sensitive and the following properties are supported:

  • name: The name of the deployment package. (Text)
  • description: The description of the deployment package. (Text)
  • uuid: The UUID of the deployment. (Text)
  • status: The status of the deployment (Completed, Completed with Errors, Failed, In Progress, Pending, Rejected, Unavailable). (Text)
  • applications: The list of applications that the deployments are for.(List of Application)
  • packageType: The type of package (Patch or Application). (Text)
  • objectsPackageId: The document ID for objects package zip file. (Integer)
  • customizationFileId: The document ID for Import Customization property file. (Integer)
  • databaseScriptsIds: The document IDs for database scripts in the order they are executed. (List of Integer)
  • pluginsPackageId: The document ID for the zip file of plug-in JAR files. (Integer)
  • logId: The ID of the deployment log. (Integer)
  • source: The name of the source environment. (Text)
  • target: The name of the target environment. (Text)
  • objectsDeployed: The number of objects in the package that have been deployed. This includes successfully deployed objects and skipped objects. (Integer)
  • objectsFailed: The number of objects in the package that have failed to deploy. (Integer)


Returns a specific property of a direct deployment which can be used in a post-deployment process.

Usage considerations

Supported use case

This function should be used in your post deployment processes and you can set up a process parameter to pass deployment information to your process model.


deployment(101, "reviewedDate") returns 12/21/05 2:28 PM GMT

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a!deployment() Function