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userweeknum() Function
This function cannot be used with Custom Record Field Expressions. It can only be used with Offline Mobile if it is loaded at the top of the form.
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userweeknum( date, methodology )

Returns the week number within the year for the given date or datetime in the user preferred calendar, using a given methodology.


Keyword Type Description



The date or datetime for which the week number is to be determined.



Controls what day the week begins on.



Usage considerations

For the methodology parameter, use the following:

  • 1 if the week begins on Sunday (Default)
  • 2 if the week begins on Monday
  • 3 if the week begins on Tuesday
  • 4 if the week begins on Wednesday
  • 5 if the week begins on Thursday
  • 6 if the week begins on Friday
  • 7 if the week begins on Saturday


You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

userweeknum(02/06/2006, 1) returns 6

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userweeknum() Function