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averagetaskcompletiontimeforprocessmodel() Function
This function cannot be used with Custom Record Field Expressions. It can only be used with Offline Mobile if it is loaded at the top of the form.
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averagetaskcompletiontimeforprocessmodel( Id, includeSubProcessData )

Returns the average elapsed time in days between task assignment and task completion for all assigned, accepted, and completed tasks in all processes started from a given process model.


Keyword Type Description



The Id number of the process model.



Controls whether data from subprocesses are included in the completion time averages.



Usage considerations

Archived and deleted processes are not included.

The current user must hold viewer rights or higher authority for the specified process model, in order to execute this function.

If you do not provide a value for the includeSubProcessData parameter, the default value is taken from the current context or set to false if no subprocesses available.

  • For example, if the function is used on a Web Content with Process Details Channel and the channel's context includes subprocesses, these subprocesses are included by default.


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averagetaskcompletiontimeforprocessmodel(4) returns 0.6979317434217448

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averagetaskcompletiontimeforprocessmodel() Function