cast() Function

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cast( typeNumber, value )

Converts a value from its existing type to the specified type.

See also: Casting, typeof(), Delete Data Types


Keyword Type Description


Number (Integer)

The type to which the value should be cast. This may be retrieved by using typeof(x), where x is a value of the intended type, or referencing a type with 'type!{namespace}type-name' (within single quotes).


Any Type

The value that should be cast to type typeNumber.


Any Type

Usage considerations

Referencing data types

  • To retrieve the type number, use typeof(x), where x is a value of the intended type, or reference a type with type!{namespace}type-name (within single quotes).
  • When referencing a data type, consider the impact that deleting the data type has on the expression that references it.


You can experiment with this function in the test box below.

Test Input

cast('type!{}Integer', 123.4) returns 123

cast(1, 123.4) returns 123

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