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a!defaultValue Function


a!defaultValue( value, default )

Returns a default value when the specified value is null or empty. When there are multiple default parameters, each parameter is evaluated in order and the first non-null and non-empty default will be returned. Null, "", and {} are all considered null or empty values.

See also: if(), isnull()


Keyword Type Description


Any Type

Value to be returned if not null or empty.


Any Type

Default value to return when value is null or empty.


Any Type

Usage considerations

Using default values

  • This function accepts multiple default parameters, and each parameter will be evaluated in order until the first non-null and non-empty default is returned. For example, a!defaultValue("", null, "N/A") returns "N/A".
  • If you add a list of values as a default value, they will be treated as a single value. For example, a!defaultValue({1, null, 3}, 4) would return {1, null, 3}.
    • A list of nulls or empty text are not considered null or empty. For example, a!defaultValue({null, null, null}, 3) returns {null, null, null}, and a!defaultValue({"", "", ""}, 3) returns {"", "", ""}.
    • An empty list is considered null or empty. For example, a!defaultValue({}, 3) returns 3.


  • a!defaultValue(null, 1) returns 1
  • a!defaultValue(1, “default”) returns 1
  • a!defaultValue({}, "default") returns "default"
  • a!defaultValue("", "default") returns "default"
  • a!defaultValue(null, "") returns ""
  • a!defaultValue(null, "", {}) returns {}
  • a!defaultValue({null, null, 1, null}, {2, 3, 4, 5}) returns {null, null, 1, null}
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a!defaultValue Function