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Delete Deployment Packages


This page describes how to delete both prepared and deployed packages.

Delete a prepared package

A prepared package is defined as the package you prepare during development. A prepared package is not affected by any automatic removal settings that affect deployed packages. A prepared package can only be removed manually.

We recommend that you delete prepared packages in your source environment once the packages have been successfully deployed. This practice allows you to keep your applications clean, so long-running or unused packages don't build up over time. If your team works in sprints, you can also delete multiple packages in bulk at the end of each sprint or release.

To manually delete a prepared package:

  1. View the packages list.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the package name.
  3. Click DELETE. /packages delete
  4. In the confirmation dialog, click DELETE. Appian deletes the package and removes it from the package list. This deletion does not delete the objects you added to the package, but it does delete any database scripts you added to the package.

Delete a deployed package

During deployment, Appian keeps a ZIP file of the package contents at the time of deployment. This ZIP file is sometimes referred to as a deployed package or a deployment package. You can access this deployed package through the Deployments view.

A deployed package may start out as a prepared package before deployment, but any relationship to that prepared package ends at deployment. Deleting a deployed package does not affect the prepared package. Similarly, deleting a deployed package does not affect the original objects in the application. Keep in mind, however, that if you delete a succesfully deployed package that you only constructed during compare and deploy, you will delete any database scripts or plug-ins you added at that time.

It is a maintenance best practice to delete a deployed package as soon as it is no longer needed:

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Delete Deployment Packages