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Applications List


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This page covers what you can do from the applications list in Appian Designer.

The applications list is the default view in Appian Designer. This view contains a list of all applications in the environment.

In the applications list, you can see the name, description, and last modified date of any application. You can also create or import new applications, modify applications, or drill into an individual application to work on the objects associated with it.

In the header bar of the applications list, you can:

  • Click the search icon to quickly search for the design objects you have access to in your environment. This quick design object search does not work for documents or groups, and is not accessible from data stores, process models, or process reports.
  • Click the navigation menu to navigate to other user workspaces.
  • Click the user menu to view your user profile, adjust your settings, and log out.

In the list window, you can do the following:


  1. Click NEW APPLICATION to create a new application.
  2. Click IMPORT or EXPORT to import or export applications or packages.
  3. Select a checkbox for an application, then click SECURITY to review the application security.
  4. Select a checkbox for one or more applications, then click DELETE to delete the application(s). Deleted applications are removed from the system and cannot be restored. Deleting an application does not delete any of its objects; they simply lose the association with the deleted application but retain any others they may have.
  5. Click the application name to drill down to individual application details.
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Applications List