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High Availability for Appian Cloud

This configuration is available for production instances provided to Appian Cloud customers that have purchased Advanced or Enterprise Support (including High Availability). This configuration can also be added to additional non-production instances for an additional fee.


Appian Cloud offers the ability to run in a High Availability (HA) configuration with guaranteed Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). The Appian Cloud HA configuration reduces the risk that your Appian instance will have from unplanned downtime caused by a number of events such as a service failure (a software component of Appian fails), a hardware failure (the underlying infrastructure hosting Appian fails) or an availability zone failure (the data center hosting the Appian Cloud instance fails).


The Appian Cloud HA configuration is designed for resiliency and incorporates fault-tolerance in every layer of the architecture. An Appian Cloud HA instance is composed of three active nodes running in different availability zones within the same region. Data and transactions are continuously replicated across the active nodes to achieve redundancy and avoid single points of failure. The Appian Cloud Web Tier is a stateless, fault-tolerant, elastic layer that serves static content and forwards user requests to the healthy active nodes of the Appian Cloud instance.


In the event of a failure affecting one of the nodes, the Appian Cloud Web Tier will automatically stop forwarding user requests to the unhealthy node. Failover occurs automatically and requests are processed by the remaining healthy nodes.

Service Level Agreements

An Appian Cloud HA instance offers an RPO of 1 minute and an RTO of 21 minutes for Advanced customers and 4 minutes for Enterprise customers. This means that in the event of a system failure, your Appian instance will be restored and available to your users in less than 21 minutes or 4 minutes, depending on your Support level, having lost no more than the last 1 minute worth of data.

Appian Cloud HA is available across the globe. To see the specific regions the configuration is supported, please view the Appian Cloud Availability Table.

Prerequisites checklist

Prerequisite Description Organizational Role
Advanced or Enterprise Support (including High Availability) Order Form This offering is available via Advanced or Enterprise Support (including High Availability. Business relationship owner
Confirm VPN tunnel(s) connectivity details (Optional) If your Appian Cloud instance requires VPN integration, fill out the Appian Cloud VPN worksheet for the additional nodes that will be created. See Cloud VPN Integration for details. Network administrator


Once the prerequisite has been completed, follow these steps to convert your Appian Cloud instance to HA configuration:

  1. Open a Support case with the request to enable this configuration in your Appian Cloud instance(s).
    • If the site requires VPN integration, please attach the VPN worksheet completed in the prerequisite steps to the support case
  2. Appian Support will schedule a maintenance window.
    • If VPN integrations are required, it is recommended that HA conversion occurs over two maintenance windows. The first window will be used to create additional nodes with VPN configuration files. This allows Appian Support and the customer's networking team to set up and confirm VPN connectivity in the additional nodes without downtime of the overall instance. The second window will be used to fully enable those additional nodes so they may begin processing requests.
  3. After the maintenance window(s), your Appian Cloud instances will be configured in HA.

Appian RPA

Appian RPA is based in Appian's secure, globally available cloud. However, Appian RPA is not offered as a part of high availability configuration at this time.

Although Appian RPA is not available in an HA configuration on Appian Cloud, other HA features and services are independent of Appian RPA's availability. Other HA features won't be impacted in the event of system outage for Appian RPA. If an outage occurs, Appian RPA customers can contact Appian support for assistance according to their service level agreement.

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High Availability for Appian Cloud