This release includes exciting enhancements to automation, Appian Records, and more.

Enable worker productivity anywhere with a new offline mobile experience

Now, offline mobile empowers your users to do more, no matter their location. Create offline forms with the same dynamic user experience that online users enjoy. This new experience enables many common design patterns that used to be impossible while offline.

Preview the new robotic process designer

We're excited to introduce a new look for the robotic process designer! Take advantage of drag-and-drop capabilities and a new organization to make development faster and easier than ever.

Resolve sync issues without interrupting your users by skipping failed syncs

We've added a new feature on the record type that lets you skip failed syncs, and simply use the data from the last successful sync. Now, application users can continue accessing the data, actions, user filters, and relationships from your record type, even if the sync fails.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

New Course: Appian Release Showcase 21.4

Take this course to learn about new and enhanced features of the Appian platform that you should start to use for building applications. This course teaches you how to leverage these new features and make it easier for you to transition to working with future versions of Appian.

New Patterns: Build Reports from Records

With more low-code reporting features available each release, we've created a new set of reporting patterns to help you create advanced reports with little to no code. You can easily follow along with these reporting patterns in the new Appian Retail application.

New Interactive Glossary Experience

The glossary content has been completely revamped with the most up-to-date terms and definitions across the entire Appian platform. Use the new drop-down field to filter by category, use the search field to locate an exact term, or click the Term column header to change the sort.