When you open Appian RPA, you're brought to the dashboard. From the dashboard, you have access to a number of lists, settings, and features.

List of robotic processes in execution

This section displays the list of robotic processes that are currently running or queued to run. Therefore, this list is only available when there is at least one robot running.


By default, this list is sorted by the robotic process's execution priority. However, you can use any column to change and sort the criteria.

Each robot has a data set for easier identification:

  • Robotic process: Identifying name for the robot.
  • Priority (P): Preference of that robotic process over others in the queue. You can set the priority level when you create a new robotic process.
  • Description: Description associated with a specific execution.
  • Resource: Physical equipment or virtual machine where robotic process is running.
  • Execution: Unique identifier for that execution, which differentiates it from the rest.
  • Start: Date and time when the execution began or is scheduled to begin.

You can also see the progress level of the execution. Use the pause button 2237070.png to pause a robotic process or the stop button 2237071.png to end it.

List of robotic processes

This is the complete listing of robotic processes associated with your username (those to which you have access).


This list displays all robotic processes available to you, sorted by their latest execution date. This list includes robotic processes in execution, processes that have already been executed (with the latest execution information displayed), and processes that have never been executed.

Apart from the description, the latest execution identifier and the starting date, you'll see icons representing the result of each execution:

Icon Description
950859.png The execution was successfully completed
954117.png The robot is queued, waiting for an available resource to run
950861.png The robot is currently running
950862.png The last execution was canceled by the user before completion
950863.png During the last execution, there was a problem that prevented the process from ending

At this point, you can perform different actions on your robots. Actions are also represented by icons:

Icon Description
2237070.png Pause the execution (for processes currently running)
954143.png Cancel the execution (for processes currently running)
rpa-execute-icon.png Start the execution. This will take you to the Execute robotic process page.
950865.png Access the robotic process configuration
950868.png Edit robotic process permissions

Finally, you can find what tags give permissions to that robotic process.

By clicking on the robot's name, you can access the robot process information screen.

This version of the Appian RPA documentation was written for Appian 20.4, and does not represent the interfaces or functionality of other Appian versions.
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