Get Robotic Process List

POST: /robot/list

This method returns the list of all robots that the user is allowed to see currently.

Input parameters

Parameter Example Comments
No input parameters - -

Output (if "invocationResult" is "OK")

The following attributes are provided in the result.robots key.

Attribute Example Comments
name 5da9aafe4cea9d1772d9031b Robotic process name, immutable since creation
id 5da9aafe4cea9d1772d9031c Robotic process ID
customName "Example process" Robotic process human-readable name
spokenName "Example process" Robotic process spoken name
expressions "delta": ["four"] Map of expressions
environment "a": "alfa", "b": "beta", "z": "3" List of environmental values
itemsName "bits" Items friendly name
description - Robotic process description
involvedSystems - -
inputExpected - Input expected by the robotic process
outputExpected - Output expected from the robotic process
disabled false Boolean to show if executions are disabled
testing false Boolean to show if testing mode is active
minimumLogLevel TRACE Default log level, possible values are: TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL
priority HIGH -
simultaneousRunning 3 Maximum simultaneous executions for the robotic process (0 means no limit)
restrictHours false Boolean to show if executions are restricted to specified hours
restrictHoursSchedule - Array of schedule data if previous field is set to true 5da9aafe4cea9d1772d9031c Robotic process ID
restrictHoursSchedule.robotName null -
restrictHoursSchedule.description - Robotic process description false -
restrictHoursSchedule.color "#000000" Hexidecimal code for the color this robotic process uses in graphics
restrictHoursSchedule.minutes "type": "WHEN", "every": 0, "when": [] -
restrictHoursSchedule.hours "type": "WHEN", "every": 0, "when": [11, 12, 17, 18] -
restrictHoursSchedule.days "type": "WHEN", "every": 0, "when": [] -
restrictHoursSchedule.daysOfWeek "type": "WHEN", "every": 0, "when": [6, 0] Days of the week in Java calendar format
restrictHoursSchedule.instructions - Not used
restrictHoursSchedule.executionsToLaunch - Not used
removeOldArtifacts 0 Days to removed artifacts (0 means never)
subResultTexts "RED": "red", "CORAL": "australia", "LIGHT_GRAY": "discrete", "LIME": "fresh", "CHOCOLATE": "sweet", "OLIVE": "", "MAGENTA": "highlight", "CYAN": "sky", "DARK_GRAY": "shadow", "INDIGO": "deep" Descriptions of colors to categorize items results in the robotic process
lastExecution 1569245555136 Date and time of robotic process last execution, expressed in UNIX epoch time (milliseconds)
color #9fe1e7 Hexidecimal code for the color this robotic process uses in graphics
labels "dev", "developer", "internet-explorer", "remote", "windows!", "chrome-75" Array to data regarding robotic process permissions
instructions "name": "fail", "description": "fail", "type": "BOOLEAN", "defaultValue": "false", "required": false Array of data regarding robotic process parameters

Possible reasons for unsuccessful events

("invocationResult" is "KO")


This version of the Appian RPA documentation was written for Appian 20.4, and does not represent the interfaces or functionality of other Appian versions.
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