Get Robotic Process Results

POST: /robot/result

This method returns the results of a robotic result execution.

The input field executionId is required.

Input parameters

Parameter Example Comments
executionId 5eda733e760e2c31fbaaee70#1 The ID of an execution. A combination of the robotic process ID and an execution number.

Output (if "invocationResult" is "OK")

The following attributes are provided in the result key.

Attribute Example Comments
lastUpdated 1591385144263 Date and time the execution was last updated, expressed in UNIX epoch time (milliseconds)
errorMessage "The execution does not exist, has been deleted, or you do not have permission to view it." Error message when the "invocationResult" is "KO"
result SUCCESS Execution result. Possible values are: SUCCESS, FAILURE, ABORTED, RUNNING, ENQUEUED

Possible reasons for unsuccessful events (if "invocationResult" is "KO")

  • User has no permission to the robotic process
  • The executionId is invalid or missing
  • The executionId is not in the correct format
  • An invalid API key was used to make the request

This version of the Appian RPA documentation was written for Appian 20.4, and does not represent the interfaces or functionality of other Appian versions.
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