a!testRunStatusForId() Function

If you want to get the results of a test run, use a!testRunResultForId(). To learn about starting a test run, see a!startRuleTestsAll(), a!startRuleTestsApplications().

Test runs can only be queried by the user who initiated the test run, or a user of type System Administrator.

Results from a test run expire after 7 days. After 7 days, an error will be returned indicating that the test run has been deleted. If you'd like to persist this data for a longer period of time, you will need to write this data into a table in your business data source.


a!testRuleStatusForId( testRunId )

Provided a test-run ID, this function queries for the status of an expression rule test run.


Keyword Type Description



The test-run ID for the test run you want to check on.



The following statuses can be returned:

  • COMPLETE: All test cases have been executed, and the results are ready to be retrieved with a!testRunResultForId().
  • IN PROGRESS: Not all test cases have been executed yet.

Error Scenarios

    • The ID provided does not match an active test run.
    • The user lacks sufficient privileges to see the results (the user isn’t an administrator and the test run wasn’t initiated by them).



Where 25 is a valid test-run ID.

See the Common Uses section of Expression Rule Testing Functions page for more examples.

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