isusermemberofgroup_21r2 Function

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isusermemberofgroup_21r2( username, groupId )

Identifies whether or not a user belongs to a group.


Keyword Type Description



The username to check for group membership.



The Id of the group.



Usage considerations

Returns true when the user belongs to the specified group, except when security rules prohibit users from knowing this information.

For example, this function returns false to keep membership awareness secure in the following instance:

  • A high privacy group is passed in AND
  • A user other than the logged in user is passed in AND
  • The function is executed within the context of a basic user who is not an administrator of the high privacy group

A basic user is not allowed to know whether another user is a member of such groups.

isusermemberofgroup_21r2() cannot be used to define a column of process report data or in a process event.


You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

isusermemberofgroup_21r2("john.doe",2) returns false

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