a!groupsByName() Function


a!groupsByName( groupName )

Returns an array of groups with the given name, or an empty array if no group exists.

See also: group():


Keyword Type Description



The case-insensitive name of the group to retrieve.


Group Array

Usage considerations

If there are multiple groups that have the same name, a!groupsByName() will return all of the groups, sorted by id, ascending.

a!groupsByName() always returns an array.

If the user running the expression does not have permission to see a group, that group will not be returned in the result. If the user does not have permission to see any of the groups, an empty array will be returned. See also: Group Visibility

System groups cannot be retrieved using a!groupsByName().

a!groupsByName() cannot be used to define a column of process report data or in a process event.


You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

Given there is one group named Case Viewers - 123 with id 7, a!groupsByName("Case Viewers - 123") returns {[Group:7]}

Given there are no groups named Group Does Not Exist, a!groupsByName("Group Does Not Exist") returns {}

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