all() Function


all( predicate, list, context )

Calls a rule or function that returns either true or false for each item in list, asks the question, "Do all items in this list yield true for this rule/function?", and returns true if all items in list evaluates to true.


Keyword Type Description


Function, Rule, or Data Type Constructor

Expression that returns a Boolean (true or false).


Any Type Array

List of elements that the predicate iterates through.


Any Type Array

Variable number of parameters passed directly into each predicate evaluation.



Usage considerations

Referencing expressions and rules

Use fn!functionName to reference an expression function and rule!ruleName to reference a rule.

Understanding results

Returns false as soon as the returned value of an evaluation yields false; otherwise, returns true.

Empty and null lists yield true.

Limitations and alternatives

Serves as an alternative to and(apply(rule!iseven, {-1,0,1,2})).

a!forEach() cannot be used within rules used in this function.


Given a function f(x), all(fn!f, {a, b, c}, v) returns and({f(a, v), f(b, v), f(c, v)}).

all(rule!iseven,{-1,0,1,2},1) returns false

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