todatetime() Function


todatetime( value )

Converts a value to Date and Time.

See also: datetime()


Keyword Type Description


Any Type

Value to convert.



Usage considerations

Using todatetime() with arrays

When operating on arrays, it is not necessary to use apply with todatetime. If multiple parameters are passed, or one parameter is an Array, todatetime will return a Datetime Array.

Date formatting

Text will be parsed in 'm/d/y' format to form a datetime.

Time zones

When datetime values are presented to users in the interface, they are localized to the current user's timezone. This can cause the expected output to vary significantly. Additionally, the acronym of the local timezone (such as EST) is appended to a displayed datetime value when it appears in a form, an alert, or in an email.


todatetime(date(2005,12,13)) returns 12/13/05 12:00 AM GMT

todatetime("12/13/2005") returns 12/13/05 12:00 AM GMT

todatetime("12/13/2005","12/14/2005") and todatetime({"12/13/2005","12/14/2005"}) both return {12/13/05 12:00 AM GMT,12/14/05 12:00 AM GMT}

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