Hierarchy Browser Columns - Portfolio Manager


This page provides a generic Portfolio Manager application for download. The primary purpose of the application is to instruct you on how to fully leverage the hierarchy browser columns component through example and provide a template application for managing a portfolio of projects and tasks. Enjoy!

To download the application, enter an application prefix, for example "PM" as an abbreviation of "Portfolio Manager." Your prefix can be a maximum of 7 letters and numbers. Then, click Download App.

Application Prefix

After downloading the app, inspect and import the application on your development environment. If you have chosen the same prefix as someone before you, the app will fail the inspection, and you will need to pick a different prefix and re-download the app.

Once you've successfully imported the application, publish the "Portfolio Manager" data store, and run the "Generate Portfolio Data" process. After that, you're ready to start managing your portfolio and learning how to use the hierarchy browser!

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