This release includes exciting enhancements to automation, Appian Records, and more.

Optimize your RPA executions

Orchestrating robotic process executions from process models is more efficient and powerful than ever. Save time when launching multiple executions of the same robotic process with new options to skip setup and clean up activities.

Need a new record action? We'll generate it for you

Appian can now create and configure common record actions for you. Just choose whether your action should enable users to create, update, or delete records and we'll handle the rest: configuring the record action, using existing objects or creating new design objects, and even naming your new objects.

Introducing connected systems for data sources

We've introduced a new type of connected system for data sources. This will allow you to take advantage of role map security for your data sources and deploy connection information across environments.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

Easily copy expressions with one click

Have you ever wanted an easy button to copy an example expression? We know you haveā€”so we've delivered it! Look for the Copy icon on the top-right of any expression example in the docs. Simply click to copy the entire expression.

New Learning Path: Appian Process Mining

Learn how to use Mining Prep to extract, transform, and load your business process data, using low-code transformation. Then learn how to use the automated analysis provided by the Process Mining module to identify critical issues and improve your processes.

Advanced Process Design, Parts 1 and 2

In this learning path, you'll learn how to design short-lived processes, implement looping, and to read and analyze process metrics that are available to you as a process model designer.