Keyboard Low-Code Module

To input information or complete related action, a robotic process may need to interact with keys on the keyboard as a human being would. The methods in Keyboard low-code module tell the robotic process to mimic interaction with the keyboard, such as pressing enter, typing text, or releasing a key it previously activated.

This page describes how to integrate keyboard methods into your robotic process using Appian RPA's low-code Keyboard module, which provides an easier and more robust development experience.

For more experienced developers, more options are available using the Client Java module. IKeyboard is the corresponding Java module.

Keyboard low-code module

The Keyboard methods include:

  • Makes a pause
  • Presses alt
  • Presses control
  • Presses scan code
  • Presses shift
  • Releases alt
  • Releases control
  • Releases scan code
  • Releases shift
  • Type escaped text
  • Type scan code
  • Type text
  • Type text with repetitions
  • Types alt + function key
  • Types alt key + letter
  • Types backspace
  • Types backspace with repetitions
  • Types control key + letter
  • Types delete
  • Types delete with repetitions
  • Types down
  • Types down with repetitions
  • Types end
  • Types enter
  • Types enter with repetitions
  • Types escape
  • Types escape with repetitions
  • Types function key
  • Types home
  • Types insert
  • Types insert with repetitions
  • Types left
  • Types left with repetitions
  • Types meta key + letter
  • Types page down
  • Types page down with repetitions
  • Types right
  • Types right with repetitions
  • Types shift key + letter
  • Types space
  • Types space with repetitions
  • Types tab
  • Types tab with repetitions
  • Types windows key + letter

Type text

The Type Text method mimics a human inputting text using the keyboard. You can use this method to populate fields with text values as well as credentials saved in Appian RPA. This method contains the following configurations:

  • Text: Lets you choose the type of text to type or input. The options include:
    • Type text: When selected, a text box appears where you can enter text for the robotic process to use.
    • Type username: When selected, a dropdown menu appears for you to select a credential entry. The robotic process will use the username associated with the credential.
    • Type password: When selected, a dropdown menu appears for you to select a credential entry. The robotic process will use the password associated with the credential.

This version of the Appian RPA documentation was written for Appian 20.4, and does not represent the interfaces or functionality of other Appian versions.
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