Insights has been renamed to MyAppian.


MyAppian, formerly named Insights, provides customers and partners with a wealth of information on their Appian experiences in a single place. MyAppian’s transparent and streamlined navigation experience allows customers and partners to monitor and manage their Appian applications.

MyAppian has three tabs:

  • Home provides you with a landing page to view open support cases and key metrics for your organizations and environments.
  • Support provides you with a way to self-service and collaborate with Appian for help with accounts or the platform.
  • Health provides you with information specific to managing and monitoring the Appian platform.

screenshot of the MyAppian Home tab


The Home tab is a powerful landing page that brings together key details from across your organization into a single, unified view.

From the Home tab, you can:

  • Assess pending action items through the support cases summary view.
  • Identify potential environment risks through the sites display.
  • Verify your Appian contract information in the header cards.

The header section contains details specific to your organization.

In the header section, you can:

  • If you have multiple organizations, use the dropdown menu in the header to switch between organizations.
  • Click the star icon to the right of the dropdown to save your favorite organization and display its details on page refresh.

screenshot of the Home tab header section


The Environments section displays data on potential risks, response times, usage metrics, and remaining disk space for your sites and servers.

In the Environments section, you can:

  • Select sites from the Environments dropdown to view their Health Check data and cloud metrics.
  • Click the star icon next to the dropdown to save your favorite sites and display them on page refresh.
  • Click and drag over the CPU Usage line charts to view more detailed trends.
  • Select a server from the server dropdown to display related metrics. The dropdown is only shown for Appian cloud sites with multiple servers.

screenshot of the environments section in the Home tab

Open Support Cases

The Open Support Cases section gives you an overview of the support cases and their key case details.

In the Support Cases section, you can:

  • Create a new support case.
  • View the status and primary contact of your open support cases.
  • Click a support case to see more details or update the case.

screenshot of the Open Support Cases section in the Home tab


Designated Support Contacts can navigate to the Support tab to interact with support cases, manage account details, download installers and solutions, and complete tasks.


On the Cases page, you can view and edit all support cases within your environment, as well as create a new case.

Insights Support Cases


On the Accounts page, you can view your associated accounts, as well as manage account information such as support contacts, installations, and more.

Insights Support Accounts


In the Downloads section, self-managed customers have access to software installers, hot fix packages, and related documentation, as well as expertly developed solutions built on the Appian platform.

Support Downloads


On the Tasks page, you can view and complete all outstanding support satisfaction tasks.

Survey Tasks


Health monitoring is a critical tool for successful management of Appian applications and overall platform health. The Health tab contains two pages: Health Check and Cloud Resources.

Health Check

Health Check provides insights into application design patterns and performance risks in your environment. From the Health Check page, you can either analyze and review your site's Health Check data yourself, or request a manual health check analysis of your site.

Insights Health Check


The Analyze option allows you to:

  • View the results of the Health Check directly in Appian in an interactive analysis.
  • View historical trends of the findings.
  • Ignore specific findings that have been vetted and deemed no longer a risk.

You can also use the Health Check report.

/Insights hc process page


The Request option allows you to request a manual health check analysis.

Insights Request Health Check Analysis

Cloud Resources

The Cloud Resources page provides cloud customer technical support contacts with key information about the current performance of cloud environments and details on infrastructure configuration.

From the Cloud Resources page, you can take a deeper dive into site metrics, environment specific configurations, or external connections.

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