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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) comes with a number of groups out of the box. By adding users to these groups, you can grant access to different parts of the application.

This page lists the groups provided with IDP and what actions members of the groups can perform.

Actions users can perform based on their group membership

This table lists all of the actions that are available in IDP and the groups that control access to those actions.

Actions DU Super Managers DU Managers Parent Group DU Reconciliation Desk Parent Group DU Editors Parent Group DU Viewers Parent Group
View the documents record x x* x* x* x*
Upload documents for processing x x* x* x*  
Edit document information x x* x* x*  
Complete classification and reconciliation tasks x x* x*    
View reporting metrics x x*      
Configure IDP x x*      

*For their specific document channels

In addition to the above actions, members of the DU Administrators and DU Designers groups are able to perform the following actions.

Actions DU Administrators DU Designers
Update design objects x x
Update design object security x  
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