What's New with IDP?


The latest version of the Intelligent Document Processing application is version 1.6. See Upgrading IDP for instructions on how to upgrade your application to the most recent version.

What's new in Version 1.5?

Automatically validate documents

Many customers deal with high volumes of documents that need to be processed and extracted, and don't want to incur the employee cost of reconciling and checking over every individual document. With this release, you can now customize which fields must appear in a document type for it to bypass this manual reconciliation step. Now a few employees can process thousands (rather than dozens or hundreds) of documents.

To ensure your data's fidelity, this feature uses human-in-the-loop manual review for documents with data that is particularly difficult to extract. Alternatively, if you'd like to use more complex logic for determining which documents bypass manual reconciliation, you can also use custom expressions in Appian.


Use Google Beta v3 in IDP

Get the most out of IDP's document extraction capabilities with Google's new and improved Google Beta v3 extraction algorithm. In Appian 21.2, the document extraction smart service can use Google Beta v3, which uses a processor Id generated by Google. You can try this now directly through IDP.


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