a!toRecordIdentifier() Function


a!toRecordIdentifier( recordType, identifier )

Matches record IDs with their record type to return a value of type Record Identifier for each record ID passed to the function.

See also: Record Type, Record Identifier, Post Event to Feed Smart Service, Post System Event to Feed Smart Service


Keyword Type Description



The record type that contains the record.


Any Type Array

Individual record IDs within the record type.


Record Identifier Array

Usage considerations

Record IDs for different source types


NOTE: Record type object references are specific to each environment. If you copy and paste this example into the Expression editor, it will not evaluate in your Test Rules interface. Use it as a references only.

a!toRecordIdentifier(recordType: recordType!Employee, identifier: {"536870111", "536870555"}) returns an array of two Record Identifier values with the first pointing to the first record in the identifiers list and the second pointing to the second record.

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