frequency() Function


frequency( data_array, bins_array )

Uses the bin array to create groups bounded by the elements of the array.


Keyword Type Description


Decimal Array

The set of numbers that will be divided into groups according to bins_array and then counted


Decimal Array

The upper (and inclusive) boundaries of the groups into which the elements from the data array will be dispersed.


Integer Array

Usage considerations

Using the bins_array parameter

The bins_array argument also defines one additional group capturing all numbers greater than the maximum number in bins_array.

Understanding results

The return value represents how many elements from the data array fall into each of these groups.


For example, a bin array equal to {70, 79, 89} defines four groups:

  • numbers where number <= 70
  • numbers where 70 < number <= 79
  • numbers where 79 < number <=89
  • numbers > 89

frequency({64,74,75,84,85,86,95},{70,79,89}) returns 1*2*3*1

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