getgroupattribute() Function


getgroupattribute( group, attribute )

Retrieves the value of the specified group attribute for the given group. Use this only to retrieve group attributes for groups of a specific group type. This function will not work with custom groups without a specific group type. To retrieve attributes common to all groups, such as id, use the group() function.


Keyword Type Description



The group for which the value of the attribute is to be retrieved.



The name of the desired attribute.


Any Type

Usage considerations

When you create a custom group type, you can add attributes for the group type.

When you later create a group of this type (which must be public or restricted), you can also specify values for the defined attributes.

getgroupattribute() cannot be used to define a column of process report data or in a process event.


You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

Returning the creation date of a custom group:

getgroupattribute(pv!myGroup,"dateCreated") where pv!myGroup is a process variable holding a Group data type, which is a custom public group of type "personalgroups", and the group type has an attribute called dateCreated returns 5/9/06

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