View Certificates Deployed in Appian Cloud

For the customers using their own domain to host their Appian Cloud sites, Self Service Certificate Management allows you to take a look at the certificates hosting your Appian Cloud environments through Cloud Resources in MyAppian.

You can quickly see:

  • Which certificates are active.
  • How long a certificate has left before it expires.
  • If any certificates are near expiration or have expired.

Prerequisites to view certificates

  • You need an Appian Forum account.
  • You need to be a support contact for your organization. (A support contact has the ability to create Appian Support cases.)

Managing certificates

Currently, Self Service Certificate Management can give you a view of the certificates hosting your environments and their status.

If you need to generate a new certificate or renew a certificate hosting your Appian Cloud environments, please open a new Support case, and we will help you per the process described in the Configure custom domain in Appian Cloud sites documentation.

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