a!userRecordIdentifier() Function

Returns a value of type Record Identifier for each user passed to the function.


a!userRecordIdentifier( users )

users (User Array): The array of users for whom record identifiers are to be created.


Record Identifier Array


The expression will fail to evaluate and an error will occur if the "users" field contains invalid users.

This function can be used for both active and deactivated users.


NOTE: To make the following expression valid, replace "john.smith" and "jane.doe" with valid usernames in your environment.

a!userRecordIdentifier(users: {"john.smith", "jane.doe"}) returns an array of two Record Identifier values with the first pointing to John Smith's User record the second pointing to Jane Doe's User record.

See Also

Post Event to Feed Smart Service and Post System Event to Feed Smart Service: Use these smart services to tag User records to business and system events using the return of this function as the value for Record Tags.

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