frequency() Function

Uses the bin array to create groups bounded by the elements of the array.


frequency( data_array, bins_array )

data_array: (Decimal Array) The set of numbers that will be divided into groups according to bins_array and then counted

bins_array: (Decimal Array) The upper (and inclusive) boundaries of the groups into which the elements from the data array will be dispersed.


Integer Array


The bins_array argument also defines one additional group capturing all numbers greater than the maximum number in bins_\array.

The return value represents how many elements from the data array fall into each of these groups.


For example, a bin array equal to {70, 79, 89} defines four groups:

  • numbers where number <= 70
  • numbers where 70 < number <= 79
  • numbers where 79 < number <=89
  • numbers > 89

frequency({64,74,75,84,85,86,95},{70,79,89}) returns 1*2*3*1

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