xpathsnippet() Function

This function finds information in an XML document provided as Text.


xpathsnippet( snippet, expression, [prefix] )

snippet: (Text) An XML Snippet or an XML Document URL.

expression: (Text) The XPath Expression to evaluate.

prefix: (Text) Prefix used if the XML document has a default namespace.


Text Array


The prefix value must be in your XPath expression and has a default value of ns.

The function supports XPath 1.0 queries.


You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

xpathsnippet(pv!theWeather, "//Temperature")&" degrees under "&xpathsnippet(pv!theWeather, "//SkyConditions")&" skies in "&pv!city returns 67 degrees under partly cloudy skies in Washington D.C.

xpathsnippet("<name>John Smith</name>", "//name/text()") returns John Smith

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