userdatetime() Function

Interprets the given date and time in the user preferred calendar and converts it into a serial number.


userdatetime( year, month, day, [hour], [minute], [second] )

year: (Number) The year of the datetime you would like to convert into a serial number.

month: (Number) The number of the month of the datetime.

day: (Number) The day of the datetime.

hour: (Number) The hour of the datetime.

minute: (Number) The minute of the datetime.

second: (Number) The seconds of the datetime.




To display the date, always wrap the output with datetext().

For the month parameter, do not include leading zeroes for a month with one digit.


You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

datetext(userdatetime(1427,8,18,1,2,0)) returns 08/18/1427 01:02 AM

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