property() Function

This function extracts a bean's property under a given key name (the nameOfProperty parameter).


property( msg!properties, nameOfProperty, [valueIfMissing] )

bean: (Bean) Bean to retrieve the property from.

nameOfProperty: (Text) Property to retrieve from the bean.

valueIfMissing: (Any Type) Default value to return if the property is not present in the bean.


Any Type


If the named property is not present, then the value for the valueIfMissing parameter is returned instead.

The value type of the valueIfMissing parameter should be the same type as the expected property’s type.

For example, property(msg!properties,"someStringProperty","Missing Text") returns "Missing Text" if someStringProperty does not exist.


You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

property(msg!properties,"name","no name was sent") returns no name was sent when the name property is not received in a message

See also

index(): This function acts as an alias to the property() function especially when applied over custom data types.

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