a!urlfortask() Function

This function returns the URL of a process task given the task ID.


a!urlForTask( taskIds, returnTaskPathOnly)

taskIds (List of Number (Integer)) Task IDs of process tasks to generate links.

returnTaskPathOnly (Boolean) If true, only the last path segement to the task is included; if false, the full URL of the task is returned. Default: false


Text Array


  • The taskIds parameter is required. If no task exists with the provided ID number, a URL is still returned.
  • If returnTaskPathOnly is true, only the task path after /task is returned.
  • If returnTaskPathOnly is false, the URL will return the Tempo URL for the task.
  • To create a URL to a site, use returnTaskPathOnly=true and append the path only to the end of the site URL in the following format: <base_url>/suite/sites/<site_name>/task/<task_path>.
  • If a user does not have viewer rights to the task in the returned URL, the user will see an error when trying to open the URL.


These examples are designed to illustrate how to use the a!urlForTask() function in the Expression Rule Interface.

URL for a Single Task

a!urlForTask(taskIds: 123456, returnTaskPathOnly: false)

returns "https://tasks.appian.com/suite/tasks/task/WrxYT3TYySQZTUwm"

URLs for Multiple Tasks

a!urlForTask(taskIds: {123456, 654321}, returnTaskPathOnly: false)

returns {"https://tasks.appian.com/suite/tasks/task/WrxYT3TYySQZTUwm", "https://tasks.appian.com/suite/tasks/task/BU8YV4nEFVwMuc3U"}

Return the Task Path Only

a!urlForTask(taskIds: {12345, 54321}, returnTaskPathOnly: true)

returns "WrxYT3TYySQZTUwm"

See Also

Process Task Link: Use this component to within a Link Field to create a link to a process task.

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