gmt() Function

Subtracts a time zone offset from a given Date and Time.


gmt( datetime, [timezone] )

datetime: The base Date and Time to be modified.

timezone: The time zone offset to subtract from the datetime parameter.


Date and Time


This function does not store a time zone offset with the returned value.

The datetime parameter accepts Date variables, Date and Time variables, and process properties such as pp!starttime.

The timezone parameter accepts inputs as time zone IDs, time zone acronyms, hours and minutes offset from a Datetime stored in GMT such as "GMT-6:00", or in minutes offset -30. If this parameter is not passed, the default behavior is to evaluate the time zone for the current time zone context.

Passing a time zone ID (such as America/New_York) causes the result to be adjusted for daylight saving time. Passing a time zone acronym (such as "GMT") does not cause the result to be adjusted for daylight savings time. Time zones must be enclosed in quotation marks <">. Colons <:> and plus characters <+> are not accepted, unless the parameter is enclosed in quotation marks.


gmt(datetime(2011, 2, 07, 16, 05),"America/New_York") returns 2/7/2011 9:05 PM GMT+00:00

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