Sites provide a customized user experience that is focused on a specific set of functionality. Designers can create sites with a business-oriented navigation experience and terminology their users are familiar with.


Each site can be branded to match your corporate identity and may contain up to five pages of content.

Using Sites

Users have a few ways to access sites:

  • Directly by URL. Either the site or a specific site page can be targeted.
  • Via the navigation menu in Tempo or another site. This will open the site in a new window and display the first page.

A site can be setup as the start page for users logging into Appian. To learn more about how to do this, see User Start Pages.

Using the site navigation menu, users can easily access other sites, Tempo, and other workspaces they have access to. The designer can also configure the menu to appear as the site name or as an icon. If the designer has configured the Tempo link to appear on the site navigation menu, it will always display at the top of the available sites. If the user only has access to their current site, the site navigation menu will not be shown.

User Menu

The site user menu provides users easy access to their profile, their user settings, or to sign out. Selecting profile will take the user to their user record. Selecting the user settings will open a dialog where they can update their user settings.


Page Types

Pages are used to organize the content in a site. Users can navigate between site pages by clicking on the site page name or navigating via keyboard. To refresh the current site page a user is on, they can click or select the site page again. A site page can be configured to be one of three different types: action, record type, or report.


This page type allow users to initiate a process like submitting a new service request.


Record Types

This page type provides users a list of records they can access for the selected record type. For example, showing a list of customers for the customer record type.



This page type displays a specific report to the user as defined by the designer.


Task Notifications

Users that have a site as their defined start page will be presented with a task-specific version of their start page site when clicking on the task link in system generated task notifications. Once they complete the task, users will be directed to their start page.

Task notifications can be disabled at the environment level by administrators, at the task level by designers, or at the user level using notification settings.


To access your site on a mobile device, add an account to the Appian for Mobile Devices application with the full site URL as the server address.

Once you have added your account successfully, you will see the site.

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